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Pure, Natural, Unheated and Untreated Mogok Burma Rubies

Ruby, the most passionate of natures gemstones, is also one of its most rare. Rubies can be found in many shades of red, with hints of purple, orange or pink, to the deep "pigeon-blood red" characteristic of the most sought after stones from Mogok. Each color and shade elicits its own set of emotions, and the "best" color is simply a matter of personal preference.

It is nearly impossible to find natural rubies absent of internal inclusions, nor is it easy to find stones whose cut and shape are as regimented as one expects from stones such as diamonds. Neither of these facts is necessarily bad. In a world where man tries quite hard to imitate nature, and has achieved a level of success in the manufacture of synthetic rubies, internal inclusions, in addition to possessing a beauty of their own, can also serve as evidence of a stone's natural origin. Certain inclusions, particularly the short rutile silk common to Mogok rubies, can even suggest the country from which the stone was mined. The combination of rarity, color, and the desire for identifying internal characteristics, makes it easy to see why one often finds stones cut in a manner which seeks to maximize both pleasing physical proportion and weight retention. The end result is a gem unlike any other, a masterpiece of nature, a stone that is both an object and source of desire.

Why Buy Natural Rubies?


Rubies from Burma Partners

Burma Partners provides the finest in unheated natural rubies from the Mogok region of Burma. Simply put, there is no better ruby currently known. Unlike rubies from most other locales in the world which require heat treating to bring out the best color and clarity, rubies from Mogok, due to a wonderful accident of nature, possess great beauty in their natural, untreated form.  The human hand may cut and polish the rough stone, but that is all that is necessary to unleash nature's fiery beauty within.  An untreated ruby from Mogok, as one would expect, carries a substantial premium over a treated and enhanced ruby from another source, but this is perfectly understandable and acceptable to those who appreciate true rarity and natural, not man-made, beauty.

Fortunately, it is possible to determine if a stone has been treated or enhanced in any way, so a buyer can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing they own a completely natural stone.  There are a few internationally recognized laboratories in the world that attest to a stones natural origin (such as American Gemological Laboratories, GIA, Gubelin Lab, and SSEF of Switzerland), and Burma Partners can provide a certificate from one of these labs supporting this fact.  Of course, should the buyer choose to use another laboratory for certification, they are free to do so.

Although natural rubies are becoming increasingly rare, Burma Partners, due to its ability to buy at the source, usually has a wide range of gems in various cuts, colors, sizes, and clarity levels.  Feel free to communicate your exact needs and desires in your choice of stones.

 For those who desire the best---Mogok rubies from Burma Partners.


Pure, Natural, Unheated and Untreated Mogok Burma Sapphires

Elegant and sophisticated, there is nothing quite like the deep, rich, midnight blue of a fine sapphire. Where the ruby elicits passion, the sapphire exudes an aire of mystery and intrigue. It is intimidating and captivating at the same time. It is not everyone's stone, yet for some, sapphire is the only jewel to possess.

There are only a few sources of fine sapphires in the world, and the Mogok region of Burma is one of them. Unlike many other sources, however, it is possible to find high quality examples of Mogok sapphires which have not undergone treatments, but rather exist exactly in the color put there by natural processes millions of years ago. Burma Partners can be your source of fine Mogok sapphires, providing stones that exactly meet the needs of your business or collection.

For photos of Mogok sapphires and sapphire cyrstals, please see Showcase Gems and Crystal Gallery by visiting the links.

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