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One of nature's most versatile stones, the spinel can be found in colors ranging from red to orange to pink to blue and blue-green.   In the Mogok valley of Burma, deep red stones, sometimes  with a touch of orange, are most sought after, but they have now become as dear as rubies and far more rare than fine diamonds.  In times past, before the development of modern testing techniques, spinels were actually mistaken for ruby;   even the Crown Jewels of England contain gems once thought to be rubies, but now known to be spinel.  

In the recent past another source of fine gem spinel has been discovered in Burma, in an area of Kachin State known as Nanyarseik (or "Namya" in the Kachin people's language).  The gems have been variously described as being "electric candy red" or "fire apricot".  Whatever the term, these stones are unlike any other spinel or gem in the marketplace. 

Spinels are known for their fire, brilliance, and rich color, which make them a worthy match for any other gem.   In addition to a wide spectrum of colors, spinels also are sufficiently tough to allow use in any item of jewelry.

Outstanding Burmese spinels are becoming more appreciated and sought after, and ironically, this is coming at a time when they are also becoming increasingly rare.  Indeed, in the past few years, the price of fine spinels has risen dramatically, and the scarcity of new material suggests the trend might continue.  Burma Partners is usually able to source a good supply of these beautiful stones, both from Mogok and Nanyarseik.   As with all of our gemstones, we cut a variety of shapes, all of which must meet our exacting standards of lapidary perfection.  Please remember that fine spinels larger than 3 carats are quite rare and are priced accordingly.  Contact us regarding our current inventory of fine Burmese spinel from the gem mines of Mogok and Nanyarseik.

Spinel natural crystal group

A group of natural spinel crystals showing the range of colors found in Burmese material

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