Mogok (Burmese)

Welcome to Burma Partners Mogok Picture Gallery Content Page.  This is the first of four pages of thumbnail photos offering a glimpse into the legendary Valley of Rubies in Burma, the area called Mogok. Please click on any of the images below to view a full screen version.

Mogok Morning

Beautiful old teak houses on Mogok's main street, in early morning before work begins in the mines
Miners in Baw Lone Gyi, in the northwestern part of Mogok valley, clear away waste debris to get at gem-bearing gravel


Gem Gravel Washing Plant

In Kyat Pyin, a water-gravel mixture is pumped  from the mines into these wooden catch bins, where heavy material settles and fine particles are washed away
Deep within a man-made cave in the Dattaw region of Mogok, these former soldiers in the United Wa State Army engage in the peaceful pursuit of ruby mining

Cave Miners

Woman in Mine

Face smeared with thanaka paste, this young Burmese woman uses a shoulder yoke to carry rock away from a mine shaft in Lay Oo

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