Why Buy Natural and Unheated Gemstones?

Burma Partners sells unheated and untreated natural gemstones.  Should this matter to you?  The answer depends on what your purpose is in purchasing gems.

Most ruby and sapphire on the market today is enhanced by artificial processes in an attempt to put in what nature itself could not.Burma Partners offers the world's finest unheated and untreated rubies and sapphires straight from the legendary mining area of Mogok, Burma. Unlike the vast majority of ruby and sapphire from other mining locations in the world, the gemstones from Mogok are of such astounding natural beauty that they require no enhancement whatsoever. No heat treatments, no color treatments, no glass filling---just the beauty created millions of years ago by purely natural processes.

The vast majority ruby and sapphire on the market today---upwards of 99 percent--- is enhanced by artificial processes in an attempt to put in what nature itself could not. Sometimes the enhancement is by high temperature heating, a process which is aimed at improving the gemstone's clarity as well as alter its color.  Other times, foreign substances are introduced into the heating process, and an elemental migration occurs which completely alters the gem's color, in addition to its chemical makeup.  While the result is sometimes pleasing to the eye, stones thus treated are no longer natural. Neither are they rare, since, by definition, many more similar stones can be fabricated.

What makes ruby and sapphire from Mogok and Nanyarseik so special is that, due to a wonder of nature, the gemstones were created with stunning color and life, requiring no artificial enhancements whatsoever. Mined, facetted, and polished only, they are ready to adorn the world's most beautiful jewelry or stand as the centerpiece of a fine gem collection.

As they are natural, no more can be made. What the Earth now holds is all that it will ever hold, and those lucky enough to own one of these masterpieces truly possess something of great rarity. Understandably, rarity comes with a price. But a price well worth it because it is a true market, driven by the age old forces of supply and demand. With most ruby and sapphire, supply is anything but finite, since heating, coloring, and glass filling can take ordinary stones and make them sellable. Purchasers of treated stones may have something beautiful, but they certainly do not have anything rare, and cannot reasonably expect the stone to maintain its value over time.

Natural, unheated and untreated stones from Mogok and Nanyarseik, on the other hand, do represent true rarity, and have a far greater chance of not only maintaining their value over time, but also appreciating. While this is not guaranteed, it certainly makes sense that if any gem is to maintain its value, it should be one that is truly rare and absolutely natural.

Obviously there is room in the gem market for all types of stones: imitation, lab created, heated and enhanced, and natural. Buyers should ask---and sellers should fully disclose---exactly and completely what one is purchasing. The choice one then makes when purchasing is a function of both affordability and one's own personal needs and standards. For some people, a lab created synthetic stone fills their needs. For others, a heated, man-enhanced stone is sufficient. For a rare few people, however, there is only one choice: a natural, unheated, untreated, rare gemstone from the world's oldest source of quality ruby and sapphire---the Mogok Stone Tract of Burma, and its younger sibling of Nanyarseik.

Burma Partners offers truly rare gemstones: purely natural ruby and sapphire from Mogok and Nanyarseik. As one should expect, Burma Partners also provides a certificate from an industry-accepted gemological laboratory, or one of the purchaser's choosing, to authenticate both the natural state of the material as well as its origin.

For rarity and beauty, Mogok and Nanyarseik Burmese ruby and sapphire from Burma Partners.