Unheated and Untreated Ruby and Sapphire from Mogok and Nanyarseik

For more than a thousand years many of the world's finest gemstones have come from the storied land of Burma (Myanmar). In particular, the legendary Mogok valley in north central Myanmar has long yielded its stunning "pigeon blood red" rubies, the standard by which the rest of the world's rubies are measured. In addition to rubies, Mogok also produces rich-colored blue and pink sapphires, fiery red and orange spinels, and the enchanting green peridot.  In more recent times, the Nanyarseik area of Myanmar's Kachin State has been building its own reputation as another source of outstanding Burmese gemstones.

Burma Partners offers for sale, to collectors and jewelers, precious gemstones from this fabled land. Acquiring directly at the source, or from traders who make their way into border towns nearby, we are able to provide outstanding examples of unheated Mogok rubies and sapphires.  We also offer a wide range of sizes and colors of Burmese spinels, moderate to very large sized Burmese peridots, and other gems mined from the rich soils of Mogok and Nanyarseik. Additionally, Burma Partners offers the finest in natural gem crystals and mineral specimens.

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